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Train at the park
Most parks open at 6.30am so we can meet you there. You don’t need to bring anything with you - all our trainers are provided with the equipment you will need. If you choose to train early morning or late evening, we have portable lights in case it’s dark. You need to wear clothes according to the weather - always have an extra layer (like a jumper), as once you’ve warmed up you can always take it off and it’s very important to put it back on once the workout has finished. After a workout your body is hot but the weather could be cold and windy and it’s better not to risk getting cold.
All our trainers are specially qualified in training in different environments and have lots of experience in training outdoors.

We can train you at:
Brockwell Park - Brockwell Park Gardens, London SE24 9BJ
Dulwich Park - Dulwich, London SE21 7EB
Ruskin Park Brixton - London SE5 9BD
Sunray Gardens Red Post Hill, Herne Hill, London SE24 9PL

Benefits of outdoor exercise

Enjoy the sunshine
Exposure to the sun (in moderation, of course, and with sun protection on hot days!) provides us with vitamin D – this is a natural mood-booster and also helps promote calcium absorption, making bones stronger. Being out in the sunshine also causes our bodies to release endorphins, and the brain chemical serotonin, which lift mood. There are tons of scientific studies showing a link between spending time outdoors and reduced stress. So exercising outdoors on a sunny day can help us to feel good. Besides – who wants to be indoors when it’s a gorgeous day outside?!

…Cold weather can be good, too!
Okay, so we’re in England, and there aren’t that many days we get to take advantage of the sunshine. But outdoor exercise in the cold can be pretty good, too! In fact, research has suggested that we burn up to 30% more calories training outside in cold weather.

Fresh air
Exercising outdoors in the fresh air is invigorating. It’ll improve your alertness and decrease your anxiety and hopefully leave you feeling refreshed after!

Mental stimulation
It can get pretty boring working out inside all the time – staring at the same four walls of your living room or the gym, or the digital display on the treadmill, isn’t mentally stimulating at all. Outdoor exercise gives you a much more interesting and varied backdrop for your workout. And, if it keeps you from getting bored, you might find you end up working out for longer, too! Basically the ‘distractions’ outside – i.e. all the interesting things you can see around you – lower your rate of perceived exertion, which make you able to train harder and longer.

Health benefits
Remember we said how awesome vitamin D is, for strengthening bones and lifting mood? It also helps lower our risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease; improves insulin function; and triggers fat loss. So being out in the sun topping up vitamin D can lead to much better health.

Less daunting than the gym
We know the gym can be pretty scary, especially if you’re new. You might be worried about not knowing how to use all the equipment, or not being as familiar with the exercises as all the hardcore gym enthusiasts. Exercising outdoors means you don’t have to worry about machines and complicated equipment.

More varied workout
The machines at the gym are great, but they can get you stuck in a routine – if you’re using the treadmill all the time, you’re using the same muscles every time you work out. Heading outside and exercising on different inclines, surfaces and terrain – ones that just can’t be replicated indoors - can help you to exercise different muscles.

Involve nature in your workout!
Speaking of varied workouts… big outdoor spaces and parks like Brockwell Park where we hold our BootCamp sessions are FULL of things that can help you exercise. You actually get to involve nature in your workouts! We’re thinking hill sprints, tricep dips using park benches, using trees to mark where we need to jog or sprint to… way more fun than gym equipment!

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