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Train at the GYM
We are happy to invite you to be trained at one of the biggest and the most well-equipped gyms of South East London - Brockwell Lido, located at the heart of Herne Hill. It has a long history dating back to 1937 when it first opened as a swimming pool. Since 2003 Brockwell Lido has been Grade II listed on the National Heritage List for England. Brockwell Lido is in an easy access location just 3 minutes from Herne Hill station or can be reached by bus from Brixton Tube station. It has a car park which is free for ninety minutes. 

Our highly qualified personal trainers will be happy to assist you with all recently maintained and renewed equipment. There are plenty of cardio machines including a cross trainer, treadmill, stair climber, spin bike, rowing machine, and arc trainer as well as a full range of weight resistance machines which are easy to use and highly recommended for both beginners and more advanced gym-goers. We have machines to exercise all the muscles of your body from head to toe. We offer you leg press, lat pulldown, cable machine, chest press, shoulder press, hip abduction and adduction machines, seated leg curl, and leg extension machines. Altogether the gym has over 60 stations that includes a variety of resistance and cardiovascular machines. For those who prefer free weight workouts there are plenty of bars, kettlebells and barbells of any weight including the heaviest 32 kg. We also have a matted area for your core and stability workout. The always freshly cleaned mirrors around the gym will help you to bring your workout to a higher level.

If you prefer to have a quiet workout we offer you a private studio which is also well-equipped. The whole area of the gym is air-conditioned. There are male and female changing rooms and a spa that includes a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. Opening times are from 6.30am till 10pm Monday to Friday and 7am till 9pm on weekends. 

Also Brockwell Lido is featured with a fantastic 50m outdoor swimming pool and cafe. Come and try out a great workout in an enjoyable atmosphere with our best and highly experienced personal trainers.
The other gym option is Miguels Boxing Gym, two minutes walk from Loughborough Junction station located at the railway arch at 261 Hardess St SE240HN. This gym is equipped with a professional boxing ring, punch bags and weights. There are changing rooms with showers. Parking is restricted from noon till 2pm but free to use at other times. There’s a great opportunity to exercise like a real boxing champion - that’s originally what this place was used for. 

Feel free to give us a call and discuss your fitness goals. We will be happy to arrange for you a trial session in one of our facilities. Our fully qualified trainers will answer all your questions and help you to find the workout that will suit your needs and physique of your body.

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