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We can create a special workout for your own needs,
whether you want to lose weight, recover after injury or prepare for a holiday.

We created BROCKWELLFITNESS to show that in taking good care of your body you automatically take care of your mind and your spirit. Believing that regular exercising brings not only physical and health benefits but also contributes greatly to your mental equilibrium. BROCKWELLFITNESS promises to change your life for the better and to provide the best possible care and support in doing so.
Our customer service is among the best in London and meeting with one of our trainers is a truly life-changing experience, by keeping up to date on all the latest techniques we can ensure you receive only the highest quality service every time.
Over the years we have trained people from all walks of life including busy professionals, housewives, new parents and sports-people trying to improve performance or rehabilitate from an injury.
We specialise in:
* Weight loss and fat tissue reduction
* Building core strength and stability
* Toning and muscle conditioning
* Conditioning and flexibility
* Achieving weight loss / muscle bulk
* Rehabilitation after accidents or sport injuries
* Pre and post-natal fitness
* Nutrition advice and coaching
* Posture correction
* Motivation and support

Different types of workout we use

We use free weights that we bring with us, providing a workout for major muscles of the body. We provide basic guidelines and rules for starting out in a weightlifting programme; whether it is for strength, weight loss, lean muscle gain, or just overall fitness. Also if you are serious about gaining more muscle and becoming stronger we have a special weight-lifting programme for you.
Pad Work - non-contact boxing. Cardio-boxing is one of the best forms of exercise because it conditions the whole body and provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems. The major benefits of cardio-boxing include: • Increased Stamina • Increased Strength • Increased Speed • Increased Co-ordination
We also offer a special BOXING WORKOUT for professionals and amateurs. Contact and non-contact sparring is also available.
Circuit training is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength and stamina. The circuit training comprises 6 to 10 strength exercises that are completed one exercise after another. Each exercise is performed for a specified number of repetitions or for a set time before moving on to the next exercise. The exercises within each circuit are separated by a short rest period, and each circuit is separated by a longer rest period. The total number of circuits performed during a training session may vary from two to six depending on your training level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), your period of training (preparation or competition) and your training objective.
Circuit training
Kettlebells are versatile. They're ideal for explosive exercises that work major muscles, burn body fat, and build power, but they also add a new dimension to classic moves like chest presses and flyes. And you don't need a wall-length rack of them to get a great workout—one pair will suffice for this routine.
We will help you with running training plans for 10ks, 5ks, marathons & half marathon. We have a range of running training plans to help runners of all abilities from beginners to advanced. Expert advice to get you started and  running plan, including what to wear, warming up and nutrition. Good running technique will help make your runs feel less tiring, reduce your risk of injury and, ultimately, be more enjoyable.
Once you do start improving core stability, the benefits translate into both sports performance and daily life. Weak core muscles contribute to slouching. Good posture trims your silhouette and projects confidence. We build strong abdominal muscles through frequent core exercise sessions.
Abdominal exercises
Did you know?
We don't just train in one location, we are a mobile personal training company. 
Train at your Home
Train at the Park
Train at the Gym
Other services we do​​
All you need to know to get started with yoga, including the health benefits, yoga styles for beginners and advanced students.
Yoga is the state of being present focusing, on the here and now. Yoga means union. The main philosophy of Yoga is that the mind, body and spirit are all one. Yoga enables the practitioner to gain awareness of this unity, and ultimate awareness of your true self. Once found, it will create balance, good health, peace and happiness in life.
 Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on balance, posture, strength and flexibility. Pilates is for everyone, whatever your age, body shape or fitness. It will be the right place for you whatever you're looking for: a stronger, healthier back; a flatter tummy; a more toned, mobile and flexible body; better posture, fitness and general wellbeing; rehabilitation from injury; or balancing and strengthening the connection between the mind and the body. Like yoga, Pilates can help with a number of common complaints including back and neck conditions (slipped discs, osteoporosis, sciatica), knee, ankle and wrist problems arising from poor posture and injuries.
Our approach is based on the fact that most traditional ‘body building’ programmes (split-routines and the like) are suitable only for those who are able to train for hours on end day after day. Our programmes are individually designed with training and nutrition plans working in concert to produce the best possible results in the shortest space of time.
Weight lifting increases muscle mass – the more muscle mass you have on your body the healthy and in better shape you will be – an increased muscle mass means a fast metabolism which in turn means your burn more fat during the day without even doing anything! – burning more fat during the day means the lower your fat percentage – this means that you will look thinner, feel fitter and be fat healthier!
 Afrikan Yoga is characterized by its attention to rhythmic movements and precise focus on breath. Menfesawe-Imani pioneered the use of affirmations, drums, stretch-bands, sticks, crystals and stones held in the hands and the elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether, which function as aids for combining body and psycho-spiritual awareness allowing beginners to experience movement and postures more easily and fully than might otherwise be possible without several years of practice. For further information on Afrikan Yoga please visit the website www.afrikanyoga.com
African Yoga
Our trainers will advise you on nutrition to maximise results and keep you looking and feeling healthy. Whatever your weight loss goal, you’ll find a diet plan to suit you. With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously changed in just 28 days.
Whether you're looking for a month-long eating plan, a revitalising week to get you back on track or a quick three-day kick-start ourdiet plans will encourage healthy habits and rebalance your body, plus we have tips and expert advice to help you stay healthy all year long.
Diet plan
We offer a professional and reliable mobile massage service. Our therapists will be at your home, hotel or office or you can come to our place. We offer sports massage, injury healing massages or simple massage for relaxation.
The most common is the Swedish massage, which is a whole-body therapeutic massage designed to relax the muscles and joints. Other popular types include deep tissue, shiatsu, hot stone, reflexology, and Thai massage. You may want to choose a specialty, like sports massage or pregnancy massage, if that suits your needs.
We offer a Beauty treatment by a nurse subscriber who can come to your home, or you can come to our premises. Services offered include dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing injections (also known as botox), chemical peels and other cosmeceuticals.
Beauty treatments

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