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About Us
BROCKWELLFITNESS is a South London-based personal training company consisting of a highly professional, experienced team of personal trainers. We keep up to date on all the latest techniques from the community as well as maintaining the highest standard of equipment.
BROCKWELLFITNESS delivers personal training and nutritional advice at any time and place, including your home, garden or office, or perhaps a nearby park or local gym.
BROCKWELLFITNESS treats every client with the highest care and understanding and provides both physical and mental support.
BROCKWELLFITNESS was created by Angel McKenzie - a leading personal trainer who has been specialising in mobile training, weight loss and toning for more than 15 years, creating highly effective methods and standards and encouraging excellent results from her clients.
Did you know?
We don't just train in one location, we are a mobile personal training company. 
Train at your Home
Train at the Park
Train at the Gym
Meet The Team
As one of Angel’s clients you will benefit from Angel’s 15+ years experience as a professional trainer and athlete. Angel believes that having the right frame of mind will allow you to achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.
Angel has studied fitness and boxed for 10 years all around Europe. Fitness is Angel's big passion.
With Angel's workouts it is easy to lose weight, tone up and improve stamina. Many people also find boxing and fitness therapeutic, helping to reduce stress and frustration and feel more confident in their everyday lives.
In September 2006 Angel won second place in the Fitness category at the UKBFF championship (bodybuilders and fitness competition).
Now as a qualified Personal Trainer her speciality is keeping her clients motivated by delivering a positive atmosphere and keeping fitness fun! She always runs her sessions in a positive, friendly and also firm environment, making sure that her customers always get excellent results.
Angel has competed in various sports including boxing, table tennis, hockey, roller blading and skiing since she was a teenager, and later extreme sports such as skateboarding, skating and BMXing. As part of her many training skills she now also specialises in preparing programmes and training for the sports mentioned.
Angel is constantly looking to expand her knowledge and find new ways to include this within her training sessions.
Angel's workouts are high intensity with non-stop movement to develop strength, increase lean muscle and test aerobic fitness and are ideal for those wanting to feel and look athletically fit. It is the best and the most effective way to lose weight.
Angel McKenzie

more about Angel please visit www.angelmckenzie.com

  1. Angel McKenzie
    Director and Founder of GOW Personal Trainer, Class Instructor, Professional boxer
  2. Teresa Waite
    Personal Trainer Weight loss, HIIT, core specialist, kettlebell training, ViPR instructing
  3. Emma Wright
    Personal Trainer and Yoga intructor Weight loss, body toning, gymnastics, flexibility, core strength
  4. Charles Lake
    Personal Trainer Strength, lean muscle gain, endurance sports preparation, functional training
  5. Peter Panner
    Personal Trainer Strength, lean muscle gain, endurance sports preparation, functional training
  6. Danny Baldwinston
    Personal Trainer and a professional bodybuilder specialising in helping clients who are aiming for a body-transformation, muscle building and strength training.
  7. Elena Zilinska
    Personal Trainer and a pilates instructor kettle bells specialist
  8. Rosie Sands
    Certified Afrikan Yoga Teacher registered with the Independent Yoga Network. She has been teaching and practising Afrikan yoga for 10 years
  9. Lucy Alexander
    Certified Hatha and Raja Yoga teacher Qualification: Yoga 200 hours RYS. Yoga Alliance UK practicing yoga for 8 years
  10. Ludmila Becvarova
    Certified Pilates teacher stretch and tone instructor practicing pilates for 10 years
  11. Sarah Trevett
    Masseuse A fully qualified masseuse with more than 10 years of experience
  12. Jem Blake
  13. Beverley Jenik
    Independent Nurse Prescriber RGN Ba.Nur (Bachelor of Nursing)
  14. Sam Brooks
    Secretary, PR

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